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Aquaticity at the nest

At the Nursery Agreement "La Casetta di Marzipan" many activities take place, all important for the psychomotor and relational development of children! Every year the children take an aquatic course in a swimming pool suitable for their age: low water and optimal temperature!

We believe that this can be, in addition to being a moment much loved by children, also a further support for families! Very often, for working parents, it is difficult to be able to accompany their children to the pool, also for this reason parents appreciate this activity very much.

Why is this course important for children? The benefits aren't just physical!

In fact, children learn to listen to their teacher's requests, thus improving their levels of understanding and mental skills. Griffith University's The Early Years Swimming Project found that once school started, children who swam early in life do better at solving math problems, counting and following instructions.

But now we are satisfied to see how happy they are when the moment "of the pool" arrives and how many benefits they derive from it ... already in the immediate future! 

Hot water relaxes children and swimming, given the great movement it involves together with the resistance of the water and energy expenditure, stimulates the appetite .


The result will be better sleep and an excellent relationship with baby food and food.

This course offers children the opportunity to carry out an activity outside the reality of the nursery with their friends, strengthening ties and with the educators, creating trust and an exclusive relationship during the moment of care in the pool.

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