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Fun & Creativity

for all tastes!

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Move It

The course the children were waiting for

Move It arrives in January! a path of 10 appointments of 45 minutes each that incorporate in a perfect and balanced mix  movement ,  laboratories  and English !

Together with our teacher Mattia Reina , the children will follow a fun and stimulating path that will lead them to a wonderful end-of-course work!

The course is aimed at children aged from  3 to 6 years .

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corsi di cake design a milano bake and cake

Cake bakery

The Cake Design course in Milan for children: to become skilled decorators!



The course is aimed at children who are alone or accompanied by an adult


Two hours spent in the name of creativity to learn how to decorate  sweets that will make everyone envy!

Together with our Pastry Chef Raffaelle from Bake and Cake, we will learn how to decorate desserts for all occasions.

The materials are provided in the structure, you will only have to bring a great desire to have fun!


Pet Labs: "Feel the senses"


The project is aimed at a group of at least 4 children for a maximum of 10 children aged between 3 and 6 years.


Each meeting lasts 1 hour with the presence of two operators and the Pet for a total of 6 meetings.

The first meeting will be a meeting of acquaintance during which the children will be explained the correct way to approach the dog , where it loves and where it does not like to be stroked and the rules of a peaceful and happy coexistence.

During the others  5 meetings (5 as the 5 senses) will be proposed recreational and educational activities that  provide a series of sensory perceptive experiences, activities and games, through which children can recognize, discriminate, select, classify and internalize the experiences coming from the 5 senses, comparing them with those experienced by our 4-legged friends.

In collaboration with  ASDPET

Image by Alicia Jones
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