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Torta di compleanno decorata

Cake Design Course

In collaboration with Bake and Cake 

Do you want to learn how to decorate cakes like a professional Pastry chef? From today it is possible! Together with Raffella you will be able to acquire the techniques of Cake Design and amaze everyone with your works of art.

The meetings last about two hours and the material is provided by us!

You will only have to bring a great desire to have fun.

Belly Painting and Photographic Services

To immortalize a magical period

Pregnancy is a period full of emotions and magic and in every woman it remains indelible.

But to make this magic even more tangible, in collaboration with various professionals in Milan , at our location, it is possible to take a Shooting alone or with the future father.  

It is also possible to make everything even more original thanks to Belly Painting .  

If you don't know what it is, take a look here 

Image by freestocks
Corso di Yoga

Pre-birth courses and gentle gymnastics

Care before birth

We are working to offer future and new mothers in zone 5 of Milan many services for their well-being, before and after childbirth.

If you want to be contacted as soon as they are defined, leave your details!

Pediatric First Aid

Pediatric unblocking maneuvers

Attend the Pediatric First Aid course  it is essential to learn the basic techniques of first aid to manage the most common health problems that occur during the pediatric age (eg fever, convulsions, allergic reactions, poisoning, wounds, burns ...) and to support vital functions, to deal with an emergency situation, as in the case of  a child or infant who is out of breath or heartbeat awaiting the arrival of the Emergency Health Service.

To find out when the next course will be organized and to book your attendance, leave your details! You will be contacted!

primo soccorso pediatrico milano, disostruzione pediatrica milano zona 5 fondazione prada
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