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A little about us ...

A wonderful journey to experience together

Our philosophy

Children for us are men, just a little younger, with skills that just need to be left free to be.

We want to let children free to show their spontaneity. We do not want to "teach" children our method, what we see, but we just want to accompany them and find together their spirit which is different from that of all the others.

Our goal is the total well-being of the child which can be obtained thanks to an osmosis between us and the family. Our families are an essential point of reference for us and we start from them to make our service effective. 

bambini competenti montessori asilo nido  milano

Our spaces

Our nest is a large and bright space, equipped with an internal kitchen ,  characterized by a precise organization of spaces that follows the natural change of children during the year.

A friendly space that knows how to welcome children and that corresponds to their need for safety and affection, so strong precisely in the 0-3 range, but which at the same time encourages their need to explore.  

We want all children to feel at ease, which is why we think and rethink spaces in such a way as to respect their rhythms and their needs.

materiali naturali al nido, riciclo materiali, pedagogia della lumaca
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