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Growing at the nest


Our project 

Having an educational project means promoting contexts where, through doing, building, trying, children meet the world. With the prospect of a new year to share, our educational group, always having in mind children and their authenticity, thinks of projects that can stimulate them, but without intrusiveness, and can give them experiences that will accompany them on this wonderful journey.

Outdoor education

Outdoor Education is a pedagogical orientation that wants to "educate" through nature.

Nature not only outside the nest but also inside the nest. 

We will deal with it  of two aspects:

  • How to design experiences so that time outside the nursery has an educational value;

  • How to plan time within the context, so that there is coherence of experiences between inside and outside.

asilo nido zona 5 outdoor education
asilo nido corsi piscina acquatività


The day of the Aquaticity Laboratory was experienced a bit like a trip.
The children of the nursery  they always wait with great impatience  getting on the bus together  to the educators and their friends !!! Colored paths, floating balls, are some tools through which the instructors accompany the group of children along the path of discovery of water.

Trampling to the nest

Animals can be real guides for children, capable of playing a tutoring role in their experiential and training path, masters who know how to combine fascination with learning. Knowing animals and building positive relationships with them therefore has a double value: on the one hand the child learns to relate correctly with them avoiding forms of maniacality, phobia, abuse, on the other it helps him to develop his best qualities by making use of valuable educational referents. (Roberto Marchesini).

In collaboration with the ASDPETS Association

cuccioli al nido, pet terapy, l'importanza di una cane per i bambini
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